Running Project
"Mother of all roads"
in 50 days

by Edyta Lewandowska

In 1972, John Ball ran Route 66 from California to Chicago in 54 days.

Despite the passage of half a century, 
has taken up this challenge.


Route 66

The American mother of all roads. Described in literature, the hero of songs and the setting of many films.
 The iconic "Second Chance Road" starts at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Boulevard in Chicago. 
 The asphalt-concrete ribbon, 3,940 km long, winds further west, crossing 3 time zones and 8 states to reach Santa Monica Pier on the Pacific coast.

Time and place of the project: 
Autumn 2023 USA 
Autumne 2024 

Sponsors and Partners

People with passion that support the project

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